The removal of impacted wisdom teeth and surgical extraction of teeth is very different from the extraction of erupted teeth.  The following conditions may occur, all of which are considered normal:
*The surgical area will swell.
*Swelling peaks on the 2nd or 3rd day after surgery.
*Stiffness of the muscles may cause difficulty in opening your mouth for a few days.       
*You may have a slight earache.
*You may develop a sore throat.
*Your other teeth may ache temporarily.  This is referred pain and is
 a temporary condition.      
*If the corners of the mouth are stretched out they may dry and crack. Your lips should be kept moist with cream or ointment.
*There will be a space where the tooth was removed.  After 24 hours this area should be rinsed following meals with warm salt water until it is healed.  This cavity will gradually fill in with new tissue.  
*There will be a slight elevation of temperature for 24 to 48 hours. If  
 the temperature continues, please contact our office at
 (704) 470-4366
*It is not unusal to develop bruising in the area of the extraction.
*Do not rinse or spit for 24 hours after surgery.
*Keep fingers and tongue away from socket or surgical area.
*Use ice packs on the side of the face for the first 24 hours; apply
 for 20 minutes on, then 10 minutes off. 
*Bags of frozen peas work very well for this.
*After the first 24 hours, use moist heat.
*For mild discomfort take Tylenol or Ibuprofen every 3 to 4 hours.
*For severe pain use the medication prescribed to you.
*DO NOT drink from a straw.
*Drink plenty of fluids.
If the muscles of the jaw become stiff, chewing gum at intervals will
help relax the muscles, as well as the use of warm, moist heat to the outside of your face over these muscles. 
Patient Information:
The patient may NOT have anything to eat or drink (including water) for six (6) hours prior to surgery.  A responsible adult must accompany the patient to the office, remain in the office during the procedure, and drive the patient home.
The patient should NOT drive a vehicle or operate any machinery for 24 hours following anesthesia.